DBAF Episode 2

                   Episode Info

                        Character Apperance 

Female Kai



Gogeta jr


DBAF Episode 2 Xicor Apears-104:57

DBAF Episode 2 Xicor Apears-1

DBAF Episode 2





Goku Jr

Vegeta Jr


                                                                             Story Plot

Gotenks and Gogeta jr land on an abanden ruin. Xicor appears and tell Gotenks and Gogeta jr his plan.Meanwhile Gohan is on the lookout telling Dende to tell Vegeta whats going on when he returns. Meanwhile Xicor blast Gotenks and Gogeta jr returning them to their unfused form. Xicor gets ready to kill them until Gohan sends Xicor flying. He then beats Xicor up and gets ready to kill him only to be surprised that Xicor was hidding his true power. He then releases most of his power and defeats gohan. Xicor gets read kill everyone only to be blast by the king of all saiyans. 


  • This is Giru's only line in the Xicor Saga
  • Goku jr is actully Goten if you look closely
  • It is reveled that Kid Buu turned Female Kai evil so this is basically all his fault
  • Vegeta called himself the King of all Saiyans
  • West Kai is played by Supreme Kai
  • It is reveled that Frieza and Coler are Xicor Half brothers 
  • This is the only time Dende has no profile pic
  • This marks the first time Xicor defeats Gohan,Goten,Trunks,Goku jr and Vegeta jr
  • Goten is played by Cloud Strife
  • It

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