Dragon Ball AFEdit

Dragon Ball AF orignally standed for Dragon Ball Alternate Future and was supposed to aired April 1st. It turns out it standed for Dragon Ball April Fools which explains the release date. Some fans couldn't stand that DBZ was ending and made some fan made series. The first fan made series was a online menga the next one was made by Mrqball80. He inspired a bunch of people espically Me, Blazejecarand a few  other people.

DBAF Xicor SagaEdit

The story begins with Gogeta jr and Gotenks fighting then Gotenks notice a powerful, yet evil power level. Gotenks goes after that power and Gogeta jr follows afterr him. After meeting Xicor they are then destroyed simply. Gohan then come's he give's Xicor a bit of more challenge then Gotenks and Gogeta jr, but then Xicor powers up defeating Gohan with ease. Vegeta finally appears, but not even he could defeat him. Supreme Kai finally seals Xicor up enough for the Z-Fighter's to rise thier power level. When he returns the first person to rematch him is Gogeta jr. He is defetaed easily. Gohan then appears he too is easily defeated. Finally Vegeta appear who wierdly is defeated quicker then anyone else. Super saiyan 4 Gotenks last the longest even though he is second to weakest. Goku  finally appears and telports them both to the Hyperbolic time chamber where he defeats him. He then returns to the Dragon Realm. 

Latest activityEdit

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