DBAF Xicor Saga

Xicor Saga

This is the first Saga in Dragon Ball AF with a toatal of 6 episode's. The first episode aried: August 29, 2012 and ended : November 11, 2012. It is the shotest and quickest Xicor saga yet. 


Episode 1

DBAF Episode 1: This episode is a summary of everyone living after GT. Then Gotenks and Gogeta jr have an epic fight until Gotenks gets ready to defeat Gogeta jr . Gotenks then sense Xicor. He then goes after Xicor and Gogeta jr chases after Gotenks.


DBAF Episode 2

DBAF Episode 2 : In this episode Xicor revels who he is and then defeats Goten, Goku jr, Trunks and Vegeta jr. They are then saved by Goahn who gets defeated when XIcor power's up only to be save by Vegeta who was informed by Dende and Giru.